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Shaiya is a great MMORPG that features great quests, raids and pvp system
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Shaiya is an amazing, well-polished MMORPG which brings together players from both the Light or the Darkness sides in an epic battle for domination.
Among the other games from this genre, Shaiya features a rich set of epic quests, player versus player combat, boss raids and great rewards for all players. Shaiya offers a challenging faction PVP feature as well.

Players have to decide which side they will serve, being able to adventure into the worlds of Shaiya as part of the "Alliance of Light" or of the "Union of Fury". The game is built upon a dual conflict, in which players have to fight their way to the top. The possibility of fighting against players from the opposite side will surely attract most of the pvp fans, especially since you can get rewards like high prestige titles, new additional stat bonuses, etc. The additional stat bonuses will help you on your journey to the top of the faction hierarchy.

The skills graphics, in both player versus player combat (PVP) and player versus environment (PVE), look fine and flashy, although some players could find them a bit annoying in mass pvp conflicts. Along with the great sound effects of the weapons, the environmental audio effects are stunning. Shaiya features smooth waterfall sound effects. Everything feels more realistic when you hear the wind blowing through leaves.
It also offers you a fully customizable game screen, keyboard shortcuts or camera view for a better game experience.

Join the adventure in the world of Shaiya, ride the most stylish mounts and earn yourself the prestige of top players in an epic battle between two worlds.

Tyler Vidd
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  • Free-to-Play
  • Medium System requirements
  • Well built pvp system


  • Not the best graphics and physics
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